Week 8 New Chimeras

Today I took my basic "girl" model from last week and expanded the neck into a torso base with the symmetry turned on. I then proceeded to turn off symmetry and creepily elongate parts of the torso. I decided to try and keep the model androgynous, but the neck and features probably still look relatively feminine. Anyways, I carved a vague, cell–phone–like shape into the chest. This was going to originally be about prioritizing cellphone usage, but I realize now it could also stand for anonymity, even though that isn't usually associated with cellphones. Since the brow bones are so "angry" this probably has quite a few messages within it that weren't intended in build, but that I don't have a problem with.

My next Chimera is my prIDE AND JOY

So I started with the Rabbit Base and just moved things around until I could create an upright figure with it.

From there I molded the body shape and type into a more fitting body shape.
I added eye sockets and cont…

Week 7 Debrief

This week we started preparing our Chimeras more in–depth and for print. We did a test–run of the printers and went over how to set up for print. We went over the history of 3D printing and types of printers available. We also touched lightly on making 3D models for our intended audience and methods and appropriate research to be done for the Final. Finally, our calendar was altered to move the Star Trek Project to the Final Project, and the Chimeras as a comprehensive Project 2.

Project 2 for doing some better chimeras

Some Practicing: I tried making a Balbasaur again but I didn't use any references so it look majorly creepy. Though this gives me inspiration to do some more original Chimeras that could be pretty terrifying and not just do a lot of weird downloaded objects that look terrible melded together.
Note: A Balbasaur isn't mine. It's a Pokemon. Please don't report me for making him. He's not my project. Though, it did help me get use to the tools more than any of the other thingies did.

Might make some monsters since that's my favorite terrible thing to do.

Little City Orb annnnnd I wasted all the rest of my time playing around whoops

I was gonna make a very sunken in monster person but I got distracted working on the nose area that I spent up the rest of class time...

Week 7!

What was proj.... the chimeras? I thought that was an exercise...
Feck what else were we supposed to do/??

Client's interest area:
Star Trek
Gene Roddenbury: extensive writing, responsible for 60s original Star Trek

So like fandom wikia... like every fandom has.
Like when we went into the Halo Wikia for Sangheili culture research and UNSC Military ranks

IDEAL world
HUMAN necessities

>Ever gerat Hero has a penalty. Though, I wouldn't call Icarus a Hero and his fall was his own fault so...? This only works if hero and protagonist are interchangeable, which, they really aren't.
What about ROddenbury in a scholarly context? Traditional western notion of exploration? The Characters in Star Trek are basically the Navy.

Sacred Practices in Star Trek. Three Essays about Star Trek as a form of Literature information. (This is somewhere in our library?) Also Google Scholar. Google Books. These are both good for searching topics.
"Star Trek an…

Week 6 Debreif

Week 6 was a week solely for project 1. We spent most of the class time of Tuesday for Processing, though since I was already done processing I went ahead and started my research for Project 2. Thursday we had critique in the light lab.

Critique 1 and Week 6 Notes [Reserved]


Documentation for my Project 1 can be found here:

Week 5 Debreif

Week 5 was a fun week: The class was introduced to Meshmixer and we were allowed to play around with it and had to make Chimeras for our homework. Meanwhile, everyone else was still processing their work on Thursday for Project 1 which surprised me (by this time I was already done with processing and moving on to my manual cuts). I worked on Project 1 majority on Wednesday, and there are still a few last minute details to be added before the presenting of the object on Tuesday.