Final (short description)

My main inspirations for the print was the visiting actor himself. In the series, Robert Picardo plays a holographic doctor on the Voyager ship. I loved the idea of the hologram, but was unsure how to express it. I thought it would be interesting to create a 3D object that also retained a limited, polygon–like structure. The portrait was the easiest idea, of course. In my light research I mostly focused on the symbols used by the series to represent the medical characters, but did not find much besides the simple winged–snake–and–rod symbol. Of course, I tried an iteration where I combined that with the communicator badge, but I kept coming back to my preliminary design. Originally I wanted to paint a chrome–like metallic color over the piece, but the ethereal texture that the clear resin gave contributed greatly to the object’s overall design and aesthetic.

Week 15, Technically.

Concept 1 was printed and cleaned!

Here goes Attempt 2 at the third concept I had for the Star Trek Project.

Selected Areas... The purple sections are the places it refused to extrude. I ran into this issue with the main "body" shape as well, but it was mostly an issue with how I was treating the corners of the shape.

Extended areas still selected so you can actually see (See next why I did that)
After extensions

I kind of want to print this one as well because I like the conceptual aesthetic of it, and it manages to express an idea without being as literal as possible. Plus, printed in like a 2x2in square would be a nice little trinket. I feel like it would be best painted a metallic to increase depth. Like a blue, silvery metallic.
Next on the Agenda, I fixed the winged file. It seems I forgot to combine the objects and when I exported into an OBJ and STL files, they only captured the main body without the wings. It look a little playing around to remember h…

Wk ??? Debreif

After finishing the second model, the winged communicator-medical-badge mashup thingie, any attempt at the third idea made the programs promptly crash. (Maybe it was time for a break) It was quite hard to create anything that looked vaguely correct and not extremely awkward when trying to work on the badge. Honestly It can't quite exist in space, either, considering the wings are not physically attached. It would work better as a logo, honestly. Any ideas I had of adding a plane for it to sit on didn't make much sense either. Actually, all of my designs for this turned out relatively flat, which is odd. Maybe I'm thinking of it too simplistically? But at the same time, how many of the other students will have plane-based objects? It will stand out for sure, but I can't tell if it will be a good thing or not.

Week ???

Second Concept Done: Medical Badge and Standard Badge Mixed. Non-printable version (This would be all put together against a single flat plain about a mm thick. ) I broke Meshmixer trying to do the next idea...

wk 12 Debreif

By the end of Week 12, one model was complete and two others were finally conceptualized. A stand was added to the original model for stability and the next few are designed with Star Trek traditional symbols in mind. Next week is printing and working on the models a bit more.

Wk 12 notes

Looks like we're doing more Fusion 360 today...
Final Critique is December 13th/.....
JFC we only have four weeks left

we will be going over extrusion, sketching, and cutting in 360 again.
Update: Fusion still doesn't want to even open on this computer...
*uses a second computer*

to cut: draw>snap>return(create plane in mm), adjust viewpoint, create extrusion menus and select cut instead of new body. AH! finally I get it

Here are some pictures:

After some tweaking I made a simple rectangular stand and after sacrificing a lamb to Meshmixer it finally opened and I saved it separately.

This would likely work for my first Final design, but now I should focus on trying the next two since we need three I believe. I should see if there's a way to make the stand hollow while making the actual figure solid (since the figure is much thinner). Though, I might just be easier to incorporate a stand in Meshmixer for me. Why create a stand in a separate pr…

Week 11 Debreif

This week we were supposed to be covering our research and presenting it to the class. I know most of my research has been more character driven and not as... academic. I missed that discussion though, sadly, since I had my Orthodontist appointment. When I asked the people who sat near me apparently they werent there either, so it might've been a bit of a scarce crowd. Thursday we delved into Autodesk fusion 360 and I already dislike it. The interface is complex and sort of a shellshock compared to working with Meshmixer, and when I was trying just to navigate I often accidentally was drawing or selecting instead of rotating. Hopefully I can stick to Meshmixer for most things concerning the final because otherwise this isn't going to work. Speaking of the final, I really need to get back to brainstorming for it. I feel like a lot of my options are vaguely infantile, though. A ship or a portrait? There's almost no value in that even if it's consistent with the theme. It…